pharos Displays: Multitouch Support added

Multitouch support was added to support touchscreens and compatible devices.

Today we released multitouch support for pharos Displays. This addition is part of our Open Source software aminogfx-gl. On all our pharos Box devices it is now possible to attach touchscreens and to handle their touch events in scenes. On iPads we supported touch events from beginning. Now this is possible across all devices.

Single touch events can be used for mouse-like interactions whereas multitouch events offer much more: either independent touchpoints or multiple touchpoints using gestures. The following two videos demonstrate both modes.

Independent Touchpoints

The Video below shows three independent touchpoints which can be controlled by one our more persons in parallel. This allows parallel interactions on large touch displays e.g. to control industrial processes.

Touch Gestures

The second videos show the rotating moon which can be zoomed in/out using the pinch gesture and can be moved as well be sliding both fingers in the same direction.

We are looking forward to use these features in creative ways.

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