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pharos is a proximity marketing product based on iBeacon technology and developed by appamics LLC, in Basel, Switzerland. Beacons are small Bluetooth LE radio transmitters. They can be mounted nearly everywhere, on almost every surface, be it indoors and outdoors. Beacon radio signals will automatically be recognized by enabled mobile devices with pharos iOS and Android Apps installed. These apps can automatically react on beacon signals so it’s possible to calculate the distance to the sender based on signal strength. By means of preset parameters it is possible to transmit targeted marketing push messages to customers.

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Experience typical pharos Proximity Marketing use cases quickly and simply with the pharos apps. Monitor the analytics data in real time and watch all pharos beacons in your vicinity, including their distances and detailed configuration. The collected data is permanently analyzed in the background and notifications sent while entering or leaving a pharos zone. In addition our Android app allows the identification of all beacons in your proximity, not only pharos Beacons.

Configure every iOS or supporting Android device as an iBeacon transmitter and detect their signal on devices running the pharos app.

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