Phillips Collection: Portrait Play

Phillips Collection visitors can turn selfies into masterpieces with Portrait Play.

This week we will debut Portrait Play™ at The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., The unique iPhone app was developed with the Phillips Collection in partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland and Basel Tourism for the exhibition Gauguin to Picasso: Masterworks from Switzerland, The Staechlin and Im Obersteg Collection.

The exhibition pays tribute to two pioneering supporters of the art, Rudolf Staechelin (1881–1946) and Karl Im Obersteg (1883–1969), both from Basel, who championed the work of Impressionist, Post‐Impressionist, and School of Paris artists. The Phillips will exhibit more than 60 celebrated paintings— masterpieces created during the mid‐19th and 20th centuries by 22 world‐famous artists—including Vincent van Gogh’s The Garden of Daubigny (1890), Pablo Picasso’s double‐sided canvas Woman at the Theater / The Absinthe Drinker (1901), and Marc Chagall’s three monumental Rabbi portraits from 1914 Jew in Black and White, Jew in Green, and Jew in Red.

With the Portrait Play app exhibition visitors can magically transform their selfies into virtual masterpieces, based on the style of four world famous artists whose works are part of the show: Paul Chagall, Ferdinand Hodler, Alexej von Jawlensky and Edouard Manet. Visitors can explore how their picture morphs into the artistic style of these artists. The selfie masterpieces will be projected to an interactive wall display at the exhibition’s Swiss Lounge and can be shared via social media.

The show runs at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, from October 10, 2015 to January 10, 2016.
In addition to creating the app, appamics is one of the sponsors of this magnificent exhibition.

We hope that you will have a chance to see the exhibition. If you can’t make it to DC, you can still follow the conversation online and see the selfies created by museum visitors by using the hashtag @PhillipGoesSocial.

Download the app here:
Download the Portray Play fact sheet here.

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