pharos Retail

Our intelligent solutions for your retail shop are intelligent solutions for your customers.

pharos – more than Beacons!

It has become increasingly common to compare prices online before buying. Your customers are used to being online all the time and accessing information, tips and comparisons via the Internet prior to purchasing any product. Such quick and simple research, as well as cost-efficient additional information has been limited only to the direct online channels so far.

pharos Proximity Marketing facilitates the realisation of truly comprehensive omni-channel strategies and connects offline environments, such as retail shops and wholesalers, with the digital world.

In pharos Retail, we provide you with a new, direct and easy-to-operate technology, which allows you to communicate with your end customers in a direct and personal way.

pharos reproduces the entire process chain, from the digital presentation of products and offers, and purchase decision aids through to online payment systems.

Offline and online trade converge. What belongs together is brought together. The pivotal element is the iOS and Android app in which your customers can see and interact with product details, additional information and tools.

Get everything from a single source. pharos by appamics.

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