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Personalized service – know your customer.

pharos – more than Beacons!

In our modern day and age, practically every enterprise is part of a global digital network. Even restaurants and franchise chains in the fast-food area need to stay on top of things. Customers spend only a limited amount of time at the restaurant, where direct marketing measures take effect and are directly measurable, too. During and after the visit, it is of paramount importance to address customers personally and to bind them to one’s own service, for instance, with additional information about further offers, the latest locations in the immediate vicinity or bonus schemes.

This is exactly where pharos comes in: With our custom iOS and Android apps, we enable you to break new marketing grounds, which, in combination with the pharos beacon technology and the pharos Analytic tools, mark the dawning of a new era of service and customer loyalty.

Omni-channel marketing for the restaurant industry only becomes truly effective with pharos Proximity Marketing. Give your customers more than your competitors do.

Get everything from a single source. pharos by appamics.

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