pharos Events

Events can be highly complex.

pharos – more than Beacons!

This concerns all kinds of events, from small local ones through to big international events. Events can be highly complex, requiring a maximum of preparation, organisation and control. This is where the pharos product and service approach come in.

pharos Beacons and custom iOS and Android apps form a unit and facilitate pharos indoor/outdoor event navigation as well as the conveyance of specific information on merchandising articles, and, for instance, exhibits specific to the event.

Services that can be linked with event navigation range from seat allocation though to orientation with respect to points of sale and contact points for questions and medical emergencies.

The pharos POI technology provides event participants with the respective real-time multi-media information on their mobile output devices. In combination with pharos Online Payment, this creates an all-round package, which is complemented by pharos Analytics data and provides event promoters with tools for the successful conductance and analysis of their events.

Get everything from a single source. pharos by appamics.

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