pharos Tourism

Even mountain areas are embarking on the mobile era.

pharos – more than Beacons!

Tourism is a central source of income for many countries, towns and municipalities. Even remote mountain regions are integrated in the network today. The Internet permits the immediate comparison of offers and the competitive pressure rises by the day. By means of pharos Proximity Marketing, POI and Indoor/Outdoor Navigation based on Bluetooth LE beacons, we bring tourism into the modern era.

The beacon technology lets you address customer segments in a targeted fashion and make personal customer contact directly on the customer’s mobile terminal. Using the pharos apps for iOS and Android, which are tailor-made to suit your needs, the customer will be able to focus on your touristic region at all times.

pharos Outdoor Navigation permits targeted navigation and provides recommendations on places, sights and attractions within the region at any time.

Our pharos POI systems show relevant information about the most remote places, even if no Internet connection is available, and let your customers experience their travel destination in a new quality, e.g., by augmented reality applications with hints and proposed tours.

Get everything from a single source. pharos by appamics.

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