pharos Public Space

Multi-customer support – joining the needs.

pharos – more than Beacons!

Large public spaces and buildings, such as airports and train stations, have a high frequency and density of prospective customers. Their dwell times are above average. The pharos technology offers airport and train station operators various options of joining the needs of travellers with those of the stores located there. For the operators, both travellers and stores are clients.

While airline passengers are informed via pharos POI about their options within the airport, and pharos Indoor Navigation lets them locate the same quickly, stores, such as duty-free stores, clothes shops, jewellers, restaurants, etc. can use pharos retail to promote their products, make offers and, via multi-media product presentation including background information, advise and entertain their prospective customers.

At the same time, the pharos premium iOS and Android app constantly synchronises with current flight data and informs the passenger about any delays or gate changes.

Get everything from a single source. pharos by appamics.

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