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pharos – more than Beacons!

Exhibitions are platforms providing numerous companies with the opportunity of showcasing a representative range of goods, art and cultural objects, etc. to a large audience, mostly over a limited period of time. Given the multitude of offers and exhibitors, as well as the typically large crowds of interested people, visitors of exhibitions often find it difficult to find their way around and to track down the relevant places and exhibitors. This applies to both fairs and museums.

pharos Indoor Navigation takes it a step beyond the previously available solutions. The pharos technology permits real-time orientation within the area and, if desired, provides a guidance system to the crucial points of the exhibition.

Specific services may be integrated so relevant information about exhibitors and exhibits may be recognized more readily. Addressing prospects individually at the target location via mobile apps provides the ideal prompt for contacting them personally.

The pharos POI approach, in combination with premium iOS and Android apps, permits interactive solutions that may be applied to both the higher-ranking fair and museum levels and the booth and object level.

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