pharos - more than beacons!

What is pharos?

pharos is a proximity marketing product based on iBeacon technology and developed by appamics LLC, in Basel, Switzerland. Beacons are small Bluetooth LE radio transmitters. They can be mounted nearly everywhere, on almost every surface, be it indoors and outdoors. Beacon radio signals will automatically be recognized by enabled mobile devices with pharos iOS and Android Apps installed. These apps can automatically react on beacon signals so it’s possible to calculate the distance to the sender based on signal strength. By means of preset parameters it is possible to transmit targeted marketing push messages to customers.

Here you can find detailed information about pharos and our industry solutions.

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pharos Industry Solutions

pharos – more than beacons!

Our intelligent solutions for your retail shop are intelligent solutions for your customers.

It has become increasingly common to compare prices online before buying. Your customers are used to being online all the time and accessing information, tips and comparisons via the Internet prior to purchasing any product. Such quick and simple research, as well as cost-efficient additional information has been limited only to the direct online channels so far.

pharos Proximity Marketing facilitates the realisation of truly comprehensive omni-channel strategies and connects offline environments, such as retail shops and wholesalers, with the digital world.

In pharos Retail, we provide you with a new, direct and easy-to-operate technology, which allows you to communicate with your end customers in a direct and personal way.

pharos reproduces the entire process chain, from the digital presentation of products and offers, and purchase decision aids through to online payment systems.

Offline and online trade converge. What belongs together is brought together. The pivotal element is the iOS and Android app in which your customers can see and interact with product details, additional information and tools.

pharos – more than beacons!

Brand personality has to be a tangible experience

The contents of messages are summarised in campaigns to position the brand positively. Customers’ experiences and impressions are what forms the brand. Every experience can help to improve the brand image. New innovations and online-based technologies especially attract the target group of younger people and have a positive impact on the brand. New innovations endorse the brand image in the minds of the target group.

The more frequent and the closer the contact between brand and target group, the better. It is about perceiving innovative technologies, it is about the image of a company that thinks ahead, it is about how customers perceive the brand, it is about closeness and proximity marketing.

And this very point in brand formation is where our new product, pharos comes in. Our particular pharos approach in beacon technology lets you combine brand events, brand retail and brand exhibition.

In combination with our iOS and Android apps custom-made for the purposes of our customers, we facilitate the effective and unique positioning of the brand. And with its network integration, we create a unique selling proposition that may easily result in increased customer awareness accompanied by personal customer loyalty, increasing sales and profits.

public space
pharos – more than beacons!

Multi-customer support – joining the needs

Large public spaces and buildings, such as airports and train stations, have a high frequency and density of prospective customers. Their dwell times are above average. The pharos technology offers airport and train station operators various options of joining the needs of travellers with those of the stores located there. For the operators, both travellers and stores are clients.

While airline passengers are informed via pharos POI about their options within the airport, and pharos Indoor Navigation lets them locate the same quickly, stores, such as duty-free stores, clothes shops, jewellers, restaurants, etc. can use pharos retail to promote their products, make offers and, via multi-media product presentation including background information, advise and entertain their prospective customers.

At the same time, the pharos premium iOS and Android app constantly synchronises with current flight data and informs the passenger about any delays or gate changes.

pharos – more than beacons!

Innovative solutions for the industry

In our modern day and age, practically every enterprise is part of a worldwide digital network. Be it suppliers, customers or international subsidiaries, we are used to communicating via e-mail, our smartphone enables us to be online continuously, we use the Internet as a knowledge database and we save our results in the cloud.

Our new pharos beacon technology lets the industry take a further step into the future, in order to achieve decisive advantages for itself, its staff and its customers.

Our pharos Proximity & Services solutions, in combination with a premium iOS and Android app, offer facility management and on-campus guidance solutions as well as bespoke apps providing unique solution approaches for staff and customers.

pharos – more than beacons!

Even mountain areas are embarking on the mobile era

Tourism is a central source of income for many countries, towns and municipalities. Even remote mountain regions are integrated in the network today. The Internet permits the immediate comparison of offers and the competitive pressure rises by the day. By means of pharos Proximity Marketing, POI and Indoor/Outdoor Navigation based on Bluetooth LE beacons, we bring tourism into the modern era.

The beacon technology lets you address customer segments in a targeted fashion and make personal customer contact directly on the customer’s mobile terminal. Using the pharos apps for iOS and Android, which are tailor-made to suit your needs, the customer will be able to focus on your touristic region at all times.

pharos Outdoor Navigation permits targeted navigation and provides recommendations on places, sights and attractions within the region at any time.

Our pharos POI systems show relevant information about the most remote places, even if no Internet connection is available, and let your customers experience their travel destination in a new quality, e.g., by augmented reality applications with hints and proposed tours.

pharos – more than beacons!

Events can be highly complex

This concerns all kinds of events, from small local ones through to big international events. Events can be highly complex, requiring a maximum of preparation, organisation and control. This is where the pharos product and service approach come in.

pharos Beacons and custom iOS and Android apps form a unit and facilitate pharos indoor/outdoor event navigation as well as the conveyance of specific information on merchandising articles, and, for instance, exhibits specific to the event.

Services that can be linked with event navigation range from seat allocation though to orientation with respect to points of sale and contact points for questions and medical emergencies.

The pharos POI technology provides event participants with the respective real-time multi-media information on their mobile output devices. In combination with pharos Online Payment, this creates an all-round package, which is complemented by pharos Analytics data and provides event promoters with tools for the successful conductance and analysis of their events.

pharos – more than beacons!

Attracting attention at all costs is not everything. The key to success is in the quality and form of communication.

Exhibitions are platforms providing numerous companies with the opportunity of showcasing a representative range of goods, art and cultural objects, etc. to a large audience, mostly over a limited period of time. Given the multitude of offers and exhibitors, as well as the typically large crowds of interested people, visitors of exhibitions often find it difficult to find their way around and to track down the relevant places and exhibitors. This applies to both fairs and museums.

pharos Indoor Navigation takes it a step beyond the previously available solutions. The pharos technology permits real-time orientation within the area and, if desired, provides a guidance system to the crucial points of the exhibition.

Specific services may be integrated so relevant information about exhibitors and exhibits may be recognized more readily. Addressing prospects individually at the target location via mobile apps provides the ideal prompt for contacting them personally.

The pharos POI approach, in combination with premium iOS and Android apps, permits interactive solutions that may be applied to both the higher-ranking fair and museum levels and the booth and object level.

pharos – more than beacons!

Personalised service – know your customer

In our modern day and age, practically every enterprise is part of a global digital network. Even restaurants and franchise chains in the fast-food area need to stay on top of things. Customers spend only a limited amount of time at the restaurant, where direct marketing measures take effect and are directly measurable, too. During and after the visit, it is of paramount importance to address customers personally and to bind them to one’s own service, for instance, with additional information about further offers, the latest locations in the immediate vicinity or bonus schemes.

This is exactly where pharos comes in: With our custom iOS and Android apps, we enable you to break new marketing grounds, which, in combination with the pharos beacon technology and the pharos Analytic tools, mark the dawning of a new era of service and customer loyalty.

Omni-channel marketing for the restaurant industry only becomes truly effective with pharos Proximity Marketing. Give your customers more than your competitors do.

pharos – more than beacons!

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Experience typical pharos Proximity Marketing use cases quickly and simply with the pharos apps. Monitor the analytics data in real time and watch all pharos beacons in your vicinity, including their distances and detailed configuration. The collected data is permanently analyzed in the background and notifications sent while entering or leaving a pharos zone. In addition our Android app allows the identification of all beacons in your proximity, not only pharos Beacons.

Configure every iOS or supporting Android device as an iBeacon transmitter and detect their signal on devices running the pharos app.